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About Html Formatter

Html formatter converts minified or ugly looking Html code to a clean, well organized and human-readable formats. Here you can add custom indentation level to string or file for formatting.

About Ubercompute Formatter

Ubercompute is a web based cloud-powered code formatter on the internet, it has a variety of code formatter and every formatter has plenty of option to choose from for the desired result. It makes code formatting very easier like Users can enter their code by just pasting or writing to editor ( From ), by fetching remote URL and by uploading the file directly to ubercompute.
Ubercompute not providing only code formatter but also code Converters, code Minifier, DNS Lookup, Whois Lookup tools, etc.

What is HTML ?

HTML is a markup language for a document designed to display on the web browser. It stands for HyperText Markup Language for the web page. It is the most basic building block of the webpage i.e. skeleton of the webpage and other technology like CSS and Javascript besides it further adds appearance and functionality to the web page.